See this color Scale - Does it look familiar?

Its very similar to our political system today...

In all reality, when you think about us as a State, and even a Nation, we have 20% extreme right, 20% extreme left, but other 60%, the MAJORITY of us, want to get along.  

We want to succeed.  But how?  

We stop electing the same two-party system.  Its time we the people of this great State of Minnesota stop listening to people who tell us how to think, and we start thinking on our own.  

It's the system that is broken.  

It's the system that keeps us in the same rut, and                    It's the system that divides us by race, wealth and politics.  

Its time to change the system.



 I NEED your HELP!

The current "leaders" continue to accomplish NOTHING during the legislative sessions.

The INCOMPETENT in office keep pushing bills that hinder our kids' and teachers' ability to perform in school.  MN has the LARGEST acheivement gap in the United States!

Its time to get common sense leadership in office to get things  done.

DONATE today, and lets start moving MN to the forefront of our Nation!!


Trust. Dreams. Community.

Theodore Roosevelt

Candidate Chris Belflower for 

Minnesota State Senate District 43

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Let's STOP the 2-Party Monopoly Together!

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​​Candidate Chris Belflower for Minnesota ​State Senate District 43



I would personally like to thank the Poker Players Alliance, Rich Muny, and Mike Qualley, the MN State Representative, for giving the Belflower campaign its trust in our ability to build and represent the thousands of poker players in the State!!  I proudly accept this endorsement as a businessman, poker player and soon-to-be legislator.  I look forward to working hard for the players in the State to build the game and generate what should be millions of dollars in annual revenue for our State's economy.

One of the topics in my platform is to legalize online poker, and build the game so that Minnesota becomes more attractive to players from around the World.  Minnesota is losing out on so much potential revenue from having some of the best players in the US leave for  States that allow online poker, and in turn, Minnesota is not attracting outside events like the WSOP or WPT due to our current limits and restrictions with poker.

Some question the negative issues surrounding gaming, which brings me to return the inquiry. We push lottery, BINGO, pull tabs, and other forms of gambling, without batting an eye to the same negative possibilities.  Yet, every casino and card room I have attended has help cards and guides posted for any patron to take.  

If we can do some forms of gambling, why not others that will benefit the State economy even more?  

Candidate Chris Belflower for District 43 - Working hard for you by fixing Minnesota's political issues. Know more about Chris Belflower and support him and Independence Party of Minnesota.